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Your Browser is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a newer Web browser! You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. When Janet Allen entered the teaching profession, she was shocked by her students’ lack of enthusiasm for reading. In desperation, she turned to pearls of wisdom from her mother and created an approach to teaching reading that worked for her middle and high-school students.

Later she discovered that her method had a name — “shared reading” — and research to back it up. I decided early in my life that I would be an English teacher and thought I would have students who loved reading as I did,” explains Dr. Janet Allen, an author and expert on the teaching of reading. Yet, when I started teaching, I found I was encountering hundreds of students who couldn’t or wouldn’t read. I couldn’t imagine not wanting to read. Practice reading aloud before you read to students so you can offer a fluent reading of the text.

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This will increase their vocabulary, and that’s what makes it shared reading. Read in such a way that the text comes alive for students. Change your voice for characters, offer asides when appropriate, laugh or cry when you are moved by the text, and choose a text you enjoy reading. Then Allen remembered a bit of her mother’s wisdom. My mother said that the only babysitter she could hire for me was one who was willing to read to me all day because it made me act better,” she said, adding, “These were tough classes and acting better was certainly a goal, so I started finding multiple copies of books, short stories, poetry, and newspaper articles and began reading to them, inviting them to follow along as I read.

Students were more motivated to read. Attendance improved when students didn’t want to miss what the class was reading. Students’ speaking and writing vocabularies were changing to reflect the texts they read. Students were reading more on their own — in school, in detention, at home and even in jail.