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Chart of the The farnsworth invention script pdf code letters and numerals. It is named for Samuel F. Morse, an inventor of the telegraph.

The dot duration is the basic unit of time measurement in code transmission. The duration of a dash is three times the duration of a dot. Each dot or dash is followed by a short silence, equal to the dot duration. In an emergency, Morse code can be sent by improvised methods that can be easily “keyed” on and off, making it one of the simplest and most versatile methods of telecommunication. J-38, was manufactured in huge quantities during World War II. The signal is “on” when the knob is pressed, and “off” when it is released.

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Length and timing of the dots and dashes are entirely controlled by the telegraphist. Beginning in 1836, the American artist Samuel F. Morse, the American physicist Joseph Henry, and Alfred Vail developed an electrical telegraph system. In 1837, William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone in England began using an electrical telegraph that also used electromagnets in its receivers. On the other hand, the three Americans’ system for telegraphy, which was first used in about 1844, was designed to make indentations on a paper tape when electric currents were received.