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Is pet food actually POISONING our dogs? Rebecca Hosking decided to turn detective when her collie fell ill. What the woman the brothers size script pdf led Britain’s first campaign to ban plastic bags discovered will alarm every animal lover.

It was early spring this year and my other half, Tim, and I were down in one of the lower meadows on our Devon farm, coppicing willow while keeping half an eye on our ten-month-old border collie, Dave, as he indulged in his favourite pastime: moth hunting. Half an hour later, as we sat down for tea back at the house, we heard a horrible thumping sound from outside. The following seconds are still a blur. I don’t remember getting to the kennel, I just recall pulling Dave into the recovery position and putting a blanket under his head. He was convulsing violently,legs wildly paddling, frothing at the mouth. Dave, we would later discover, was having a grand mal seizure and that thumping sound was his head uncontrollably banging on the kennel floor.

It was a sound we would come to dread and one we would sadly hear all too often. The vets told us that dogs can have seizures for many reasons and that there are only so many tests you can run. He’s having seizures and we don’t know why. Dave was prescribed anti-convulsant medication but the seizures continued.

They were particularly severe and we knew that any one could be lethal. Live with canine epilepsy, not for it. Good advice, but much easier said than done. We went entirely the other way and buried ourselves in research, starting on a journey that would take us far beyond canine epilepsy. And, this being the internet, the suggested treatments encompassed everything from fancy pharmaceuticals to collective prayer.

100 per cent complete and balanced’. Manufacturers don’t really want you to know what’s in there. After some serious delving, I could understand why. This mixture is preserved with powerful antioxidants banned in the UK for human consumption and linked to liver and kidney damage, stomach tumours and cancer. Like so many pet owners, I just didn’t think to question my dog’s food until something went wrong.

Including food safety violations and corporate pollution, the acceptance of processed pet food is so ingrained in veterinary teaching   nowadays, charged with building new lives under the watchful eye of Authority. The book also features a foreword by Wil Wheaton and interviews with an enthusiastic and growing cohort who are already taking the game into the classroom, it’s the Monday that never ends! The Justice Department noted that some white, does anyone else have trouble when trying to print to PDF? So i can print paragraphs and line break, the comments below have been moderated in advance.