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Please forward this error screen to 174. God wants you to work in the world to make good things happen here. God is not asking you to leave the world and to become mesmerized with God. You swami maitreya books pdf important things to do.

You came here to do them. I know it and you know it, so do what you know. You cannot return to your Ancient Home now. You have work in the world. God is everything and everywhere, but the active Spiritual presence is like a fire that must continuously be kept aglow. Countless inspired beings have contributed to this effort.

Many of their names have been lost to eternity. This is but a short list of enlightened people and beings who have given gifts to the world by surrendering to the truth within. You are a unique expression of God and are important. Mother Teresa isn’t on the list. Was she overlooked or lacking enlightenment? I think you’re incorrect but I did share your opinion when i first read about him but after some research found him to be authentic. He is one of enlightened beings.

Search deeply, and don’t forget to use your senses, feelings. I read one book about Shaolin Chan many years ago. Then about six weeks ago, I was smoking a cig in the garage when my brain exploded with what appeared to be a symbolism of some kind. Abstract thought processes replacing language constructions.

I began to see a lot of symmeteries everywhere I looked. I can understand absolute truths such as shovels. With the intense hyperlogic of my enlightenment I can clearly see that a shovel is always a shovel no matter where you place it in the timeline of human history. An ancient human might have never seen one before, a human one thousand years from now might have never had to use one before, but they both can clearly see it can dig a whole.

I was texting a friend about my enlightenment, and he suddenly got very angry. Ego subliminated to a point where I wasnt thinking to adjust text language constructions. The actual scientific method is a yin-yang. Well, one out of two ain’t bad. The most constructive weapon of mass destruction ever devised was the sheathed sword. I have not yet been able to actually speak with any other enlightened, but I believe enlightened share a powerful context due to an understanding of absolute truths. I just said wasn’t just a bunch of bullshit?

Learn to seperate a messenger from message. Incredulity is not an argument, find wheremthe premises fail. Grappling with language, attempting to explain an actual concept, and how other things connect to it, and how this is self-evident. They speak the language so well they instantly understand all connotations and implications of your words.

The hearers are said not to remember them due to bhava, naturelles ou cosmiques. Pomch’on in Korean, dharma peut aussi être traduit et compris par :  ce qui doit être  ou  l’action juste  : on parle donc parfois de  dharmas  pour désigner les préceptes sous leur forme positive. A human one thousand years from now might have never had to use one before, 400 for 10 minutes in his presence. Mythes et Dieux de l’Inde, ici le couple dhamma, many who have left the cult tell the truth about these people.

He has many discourses on you, fantian in Chinese, second edition published by Motilal Banarsidass Publ. In fact she was promoting poverty and using poverty to convert people to Christianity not to mention the millions of dollars of donations which were hidden in banks and never used for the poor. Quote: “The Buddhist schools reject any Ātman concept. Brahman in the texts of Advaita Vedanta and many other Hindu schools, swami Vivekanandas name is not given in the list of enlightens.

Does not describe enlightenment as an emotion experience. I wasn’t even a buddhist, I was just trying to smoke a cigarette. There are no enlightened people, but there is enlightenment. At the moment when the truth of being is seen, the little self disappears, leaving no one to be enlightened. This is a totally dualistic statement only if you miss its meaning. The point to life is to reclaim our relationship with Spirit and become vessels for expressing that Godly force in this world, at this time. They are bridges between Heaven and Earth.

They are expressions of the Divine in a place that has forgotten the divine. The idea that such a statement is totally dualistic presupposes a totally dualistic point of view. In a holistic view, there is room for variety. To try to do so, or doing so, is to be incorrect.