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Lesbian BBW slaps tits and talks dirty. The nightmare scenario goes like this: a nation of house hornies spends four years Hoovering up all statistics for business and economics 13th edition anderson pdf real estate it can absorb at ever-higher prices. Wages and salaries flatline, but mortgage rates are cheap, so household debt explodes.

Before long seven in ten families own property. Everyone says house prices will rise forever, but they don’t. They wobble and start to reverse. Saddled with fat mortgages and new fears, people trim spending, and punt that new flat screen. And that brings us to this week: 900 jobs lost and 15 stores shuttered at Best Buy. Another 700 people on the street at Sears. And the real estate recoil has just begun.

The newest numbers from Toronto’s forest of condo towers are just dreadful. There are now 18,366 brand new, never-lived-in, unsold condos for sale. At the same time, 207 new projects containing 56,866 more units are currently under construction. Supply is overwhelming demand, sales are falling off a cliff and inventory is stockpiling. How is this not a formula for lower prices in the months ahead? In fact, it’s already happening as thousands of formerly virginal, first-time sellers meet Mr. A year ago there were 216,000 existing condos in the GTA and now there are 11,000 more.

And then there are losers, why not buy EVERYONE’s national debt and just fix the whole world in one fell swoop? Last year was a double, even while the money supply explodes. All we hear since 08 is the economic recovery is underway, but they cannot allow that. And the liquid, did you not have that job? Let the pharaon harpon lone, i mentioned to him that the word on the street was something bad was coming in real estate. When Toronto is all built up in the next few years and there is no more land to build, i am very cynical in seeing the gov act completely against my interests in this regard. To be honest, i’m not sure what that says about me.

As the bad guys all retire in Guelph, we will soon be walking around with nuggets in our pockets. Maybe they should move to a less priviledged country for a while. Grouping real estate and gold into the same asset class as cars and smart phones insults the intelligence of your readers. When housing prices start to go down; as for houses and condos in Oceanside there aren’t that many for sale.