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Please forward this error screen to 217. Lead Adventure League Season 11 finished! The Lead Painter’s League finally finished and I managed star wars saga edition core rulebook pdf squeek out a third-place spot!

It was a great time and I might even take part again next year, but we’ll see It is a lot of work, and ten weeks is a lot of weeks! Check out the images in the Lead Painter’s League Season 11 Image Gallery. So now that I’m officially entering my second Lead Painter’s League – season 11 – I thought that I’d create an actual gallery for each season that I enter. The first and only previous season I entered was Season 8 way back in 2014! So, I threw together all of my entries in order and put them in the Lead Painter’s League Season 8 gallery. What is the Lead Painter’s League you ask? Well, it’s a contest put on annually where all interested painters submit 10 rounds worth of figure images.

It runs over 10 weeks and it’s really a lot of fun just to see the entries posted every week. It’s also pretty fun to take part as well. They are still taking entries too, so if you can take pictures of some nice new figs, you should get in on it. There are rules around when things can be posted, so I’ll create a new gallery for season 11 and start posting my pictures there one week after they are posted in the League Forum.

I was going through some old stuff the other day and found a bunch of pictures of miniatures that I had put together but had never published I was a little surprised at my past self for doing all that work and not publishing, however after a few moments of thought I realized that the images weren’t all that great. It’s likely that I intended to take some more images of higher quality and come back to it, but I never did! Speaking of the Lead Painter’s League, I will be entering again this year for the second time. I have some figures that I haven’t taken pictures of that I’ve painted recently, so here we go! Head over to check it out on the Lead Adventure Forum. Until then, I do have some more zombies yes, more zombies. How many zombies does on need?

Among other things that I should be posting soon. This one is a dire boar for the druid in my play group. I am also working on some Bretonnians. I’ve picked up some more knights and dug out some men-at-arms as well. I’m trying to round out that Bretonnian Kings of War army. Despite the latest work I imagine that I’ll be adding my Empire figs in with the Bretonnians for the time being Stay tuned for those!