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This case study covers a community driven SuDS scheme, designed by Robert Bray Associates and winner of the top prize at the 2017 Landscape Institute Awards, that features innovative applications of concrete block permeable paving. This case study demonstrates how concrete block permeable paved drives, parking and adopted roads can store and treat runoff from all the hard surfaces on a typical new housing development without any additional land-take project management case studies examples pdf other SuDS features. This case study examines the latest innovation in kerbs designed to protect cyclists in cities.

Initially developed for the London CS2 cycleway extension, the latest generation of precast concrete cycleway segregation kerb units has also been used as part of the Nottingham Cycle City Ambition Programme. Leading SuDS designers Robert Bray Associates have been designing with concrete block permeable paving for many years. They have made the most of this technology to deliver a gradual flow of clean water for amenity, landscape design, biodiversity, education and recycling on numerous schemes – several discussed in earlier Interpave case studies. They continue to develop innovative design approaches to optimise the potential of permeable paving – notably using straightforward flow controls – and other readily available precast concrete landscape elements in SuDS schemes, exemplified in three recent projects discussed here.

With the recent completion of public realm regeneration at the east London Brownfield Estate, Interpave has substantially updated its case study on this exemplary project. Brownfield includes modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger’s listed, ‘brutalist’ concrete high-rise blocks – including Balfron Tower – from the late 60’s and early ’70s. Interpave’s 2015 revisit explores the successful long-term use of concrete block permeable paving around a state-of-the-art secondary school and its benefits for wildlife. It demonstrates the use of terraced compartments using flow control chambers and straightforward, non-specialised maintenance of concrete block permeable paving.

A pictorial tour around several linked developments in this growth area of the city. This RIBA Award winning school displays an exemplary approach to sustainable drainage, with a SuDS and landscape scheme integrated into the overall project from the very start. Great Western Park is being developed on 160 Ha of essentially greenfield land to the immediate west of Didcot. 3,000 new homes and related facilities. This important regeneration project in Edinburgh shows how shared space brings together all street users, including drivers, as part of the social world. The deliberate integration of traffic with other social activities reduces speeds and improves the relationship between pedestrians, cyclists and traffic. Precast concrete paving plays a key role – used to define areas and reduce speeds without signage – making external surfaces integral to the architectural design.

Craigmillar also includes the first concrete block permeable paving to be adopted by a local authority in Scotland. 2012 site visits – looks at how precast concrete paving, including permeable paving, forms an important part of the hard landscaping palette of a major multi-disciplinary practice involved with a diversity of projects. This case study considers an initiative to provide long lasting, low cost improvements to an established residential area of north London. An essential component of the project is the use of precast concrete paving with a limited palette of colours and styles to establish local character and influence the way that drivers behave.

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