Mushrooms of ontario and eastern canada pdf

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The Mushrooms of ontario and eastern canada pdf Awards are the major Food Culture event in the world. They started in 1995 for cookbooks and wine books, at Frankfurt Book Fair.

They now include all Food Culture content. The Gourmand Awards are open to all, big or small, print or digital, for sale or for free, with or without ISBN, trade or self published, private or public, in any language. It is free to participate, anyone can send entries. 2- Categories There are 100 categories for Food, 30 for Drinks.

This is necessary to reflect the wide diversity of world food culture. It gives a chance to many countries to win in a category. On our list our finalists, we have 130 categories for 134 countries and regions. In total, there are 1372 entries now finalist, 1144 for food, and 228 for drinks. 3- Trends Food Culture is now taken very seriously by most governments and individuals. Food is at the heart of the issues of our future, collectively and individually.

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