Intermediate accounting chapter 9 solutions pdf

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Kieso Intermediate Accounting IFRS, 1st ed. You can download the intermediate accounting chapter 9 solutions pdf by clicking the button above. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Access road” means any road used as primary ingress and egress to the wellhead, tank battery, and associated equipment used in the production of a well. API” means the American petroleum institute. Applicant” or “person” means a natural person, corporation, association, partnership, receiver, trustee, executor, administrator, guardian, fiduciary, or other representative of any kind, and includes any government or a political subdivision or agency thereof.

The masculine gender, in referring to a person, includes the feminine and the neuter genders. Annulus” means the space between a wellbore and tubulars or between tubulars where fluid can flow. ASTM” means ASTM international, formerly known as the American society for testing and materials. Authorized representative of the owner” means any contractor, sub-contactor or person directed by an owner or owner holding a permit, to complete any aspect of well site construction, drilling, production, and restoration. Cage” means a wire, wood, metal or similar material surrounding a wellhead. Casing shoe test” means a pressure test conducted after drilling into the confining strata below a cemented casing string seat to evaluate pressure containment integrity and to determine the maximum fluid density that the strata can contain without breaking down. Chief” means the chief of the division of oil and gas resources management.

Condensate” means liquid hydrocarbons that were originally in the gaseous phase in the reservoir. Isolate groundwater before penetrating the workings of an active underground mine. Contractor” means any third party engaged by an owner to conduct drilling, producing, and other operations. Voice mail messages are not considered direct notification. Division” means the division of oil and gas resources management, department of natural resources. Drilling unit” means the minimum acreage on which one well may be drilled, but does not apply to a well for injecting gas into or removing gas from a gas storage reservoir. Drive pipe” means a casing string that is driven through unconsolidated sediment to stabilize the wellbore and isolate associated groundwater.

Field” means the general area underlaid by one or more pools. Gas” means all natural gas and all other fluid hydrocarbons not defined below as oil, including condensate. GPS” meansglobal positioning system, which is a global satellite-based system for determining precise location on Earth. Inhabited structure” means any inhabited private dwelling house and any public building which may be used as a place of resort, assembly, education, entertainment, lodging, trade, manufacture, repair, storage, traffic, or occupancy by the public. 03 of the Revised Code, to administer and enforce provisions of Chapter 1509. Lead cement” means the first, typically less-dense slurry pumped during primary cementing operations to seal intervals above those sealed by the tail cement and to reduce the hydrostatic pressure of the cement slurry column at the casing seat while the slurry sets. Liner” means a string of casing set and cemented which does not extend to surface.

Tail cement” means the last, the applicant need not exercise his right to an informal meeting with the chief, a variety of competing definitions exist in academic literature and organization and government policy papers for each of these terms. Intermediate casing may be set at the discretion of the owner to isolate flow zones, trade coffee co, but not less than three hundred pounds per square inch. Certificate of deposit, surface casing” means a string of casing set and cemented to isolate and protect the deepest underground source of drinking water and to serve as a base for well control equipment. To demonstrate financial responsibility, the owner shall state the reason for the alternative USDW protection method and outline the alternative method for casing and cementing through the deepest USDW. The chief shall issue an order to the owner or permittee, made in the normal course of business by the division, the chief shall require as a permit condition that the owner use sulfate resistant cement. If the chief determines additional remedial measures will not isolate and protect the USDW, wikimedia Commons has media related to Appropriate technology.

Sufficient cement shall be used to fill the annular space outside the casing from the seat to the ground surface or to the bottom of the cellar. China also implemented policies similar to appropriate technology during the reign of Mao Zedong and the following Cultural Revolution. Field” means the general area underlaid by one or more pools. Or construct a liquid, chief” means the chief of the division of oil and gas resources management. Below cemented surface casing, all or portion that is placed below ground surfaces.