Evangelism in the early church pdf

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The Church–God’s Called Out Assembly – Evangelism in the early church pdf 22 lesson study deals with local church truth with an emphasis on the book of Acts. It also explains the forward progress of the gospel to all nations. Other topics include faith, repentance, conversion, communion, baptism, the body of Christ, local church membership, the witness of the church, the ten enemies of the church, the removal of the church, etc.

It is used at the Middletown Bible Church as a required study for prospective members. What is The Purpose of Local Church? What Does the Bible Say About Women Preaching and Teaching in the Assembly? Spurgeon and Places of Entertainment – By C.

1 Corinthians 15:29 – What is the meaning of being baptized for the dead? The Members of the Early Church were called 1. What is The Main Purpose of Local Church? Reach Them or to Teach Them?

How We Got our Bible – S. Will The Church Go Through The Tribulation? Church For People Who Don’t Like Church! Do I have a real and right relationship with the living God?

Gospel of John Challenge – Have you ever seriously considered the claims of Jesus Christ? Confessing Christ – What Does This Mean? The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God – What is the true gospel? Personal Evangelism – Witnessing by Life and by Lip. 13 Helpful Lessons in worksheet form. What the Great Commission Is Not – Today’s Church is Busy Doing Everything Else! The Church’s Greatest Failure by C.

New Testament “Mystery truth” as it relates to worldwide evangelism. Personal Evangelism – 20 Passages from the N. Those Who Share the Gospel–What Manner of Persons Ought They To Be? If We Have Good News, How Can We Keep Silent? What Does the Book of Romans Teach?

Can a Young Child Be Saved? A heart-gripping and true story from the Civil War and after of a Jewish surgeon who trusted Christ and the cost that was involved. Who was the “Rock” in Matthew 16? Jehovah’s Witnesses and The Deity of Christ – Is Jesus really Jehovah? Who is the “angel of the LORD”? God’s Program of Missions – An excellent study on what Biblical missions really is.