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It takes years of study to be able to accurately identify a mystery rock and even then rockhounds want to know where the specimen came from. ROCKSAll rocks are made of 2 or more minerals, different types of rocks pdf minerals are not made of rocks. Rock Words: There are many common names for rocks and the usually give you an idea of how big the rock is. MINERALSA mineral is the same all the way through.

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There are about 3000 known minerals on earth. All rocks are made up of 2 or more of these minerals. Most rockhounds start out by just looking at rocks and getting to know them. But after a while, you’re going to want to know more. Field Guides are a great source of information. There are a number of other field guides available including specific guides to fossil and gemstones. For photographs on the web of minerals, check out the Mineral Identification websites listed below.

These are the most common characteristics used when describing minerals. Many rocks that are opaque when in a chunk, are translucent when cut into very thin slices. Gems stones are often valued on how clear, or transparent they are. COLORAlthough most people think of color as an important characteristic of a specimen, it is not very useful in identifying a mineral. So if you have a bucket of silver, it would weigh 10 times as much as a bucket of water.

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