Difference between accounting cost and economic cost pdf

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Cost Management Systems. Explain the difference between conceptual definitions and operational definitions. Provide difference between accounting cost and economic cost pdf definitions for public accounting, management accounting and governmental accounting.

Discuss the various components of management accounting and relate them to the focus of this textbook. Explain the importance of recognizing the interactive relationships between systems, performance measurements, human behavior and variability. Discuss the relationship between the matching concept and cost accounting. Provide conceptual definitions for some basic cost terms such as manufacturing costs, selling and administrative costs, variable costs, fixed costs and mixed costs. Discuss two global variants of capitalism in terms of the major concepts and assumptions underlying the economic system. Explain how the major business concepts, attitudes and practices differ for the two global variants of capitalism discussed in learning objective 8.

Discuss why the two global variants of capitalism provide an important underlying framework for the study of management accounting and related management concepts. Although bookkeeping can be traced back to the thirteenth century, accounting historians place the origin of management accounting around 1812. Around this time, textile mills began to perform many processes inside the organization that had previously been performed outside the company by independent craftsmen. This internalization of processes such as spinning, weaving and assembly created a need for determining the cost of performing these activities inside the company. From this modest beginning, management accounting has evolved into a dynamic and extremely important, although controversial part of business and economics.

As a result, this discipline provides a great many opportunities for students who seek careers in accounting and other areas of management. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the concepts that provide a foundation for our excursion into the domain of cost and managerial accounting. Conceptual definitions are those typically found in a dictionary and usually represent generalizations. On the other hand, operational definitions are very specific. Operational definitions contain sufficient clarity so that they cannot be misinterpreted.

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