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Here are top 51 objective type sample Microstrategy Interview questions and their answers are given just below to them. Firstly populate the metadata with project definition and schema objects, parameters and then make schema objects. It  allows the engine to do  joins on unlike column names. If the user describe more than one expression for a given form, heterogeneous mapping will mechanically take place when tables and column names require it.

A compound attribute has its value resolute by an expression that  join two or more columns in a database to make a new column. Write different kinds of objects in Microstrategy? Define different types of attributes in Microstrategy desktop? An implicit attribute is a practical or same  attribute that does not actually exist in the database because it is made at the application level. Download Microstrategy Interview questions asked by top MNCs in 2018 ? It is Microstrategy way of conducting Composite Keys. To grip this case in Microstrategy we make this set of columns, containing composite keys, as joint child.

How we can decided drilling options for an attribute? Based on similarities between attributes, hierarchies and their drilling design we can decide the drilling option. Name the two types of Hierarchies? Name the type of Facts in Microstrategy? Write the different types of matrices in microstrategy?

Base formula is used to provide the formation of more complex metrics. Smart metrics is used for calculating the compound matrices with the help of subtotal calculations for every constituent inside the compound metric. Level metrics are modern metrics which are set to be evaluated at a particular attribute level. What is the main purpose of having conditionality in metrics? Conditionality connects a filter to the metric calculation. This is not a mandatory option.