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Many police agencies have implemented programs designed to improve a police officer’s capability to manage social and interpersonal conflict. Conflict management pdf journal in one field study came from police officers assigned to the New York City Housing Authority. During the 1960s, social scientists began to recognize the extent to which police are involved in interpersonal conflicts.

Research indicated that many police injuries occur when they intervene in interpersonal conflicts between individuals who know one another. All of these trends led to growing interest in teaching police how to resolve interpersonal conflict more effectively. Initially such efforts met with considerable opposition from tradition-bound police departments steeped in a military culture. However, they gradually gained acceptance, and today it would be difficult to find a large urban police department that has not used such training. One of the first efforts to help police officers become more effective in managing interpersonal conflict was a program developed by Morton Bard at the City University of New York. In addition to helping participants become more competent in conflict management, this program included training in the competencies of influence, communication, empathy, and self-awareness. At the conclusion of the training, the participants were assigned to two large housing projects, and the experienced officers working in those projects were assigned elsewhere.

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This helped insure that there would be an occupational culture that supported the training once the participants began to apply it on the job. In addition, the participants returned to the university’s Psychological Center once weekly for 14 weeks for on-going “consultation. In order to evaluate the efficacy of this program, recruits were randomly assigned to one of two groups. One group went through the program. This alternative training program relied heavily on the traditional lecture format.

The results indicated that the housing projects patrolled by the officers who went through the conflict management training showed more improvement on every criterion variable. On the other hand, there was no significant difference between the cognitive training and control groups. Effects of conflict management training on police performance. These programs have been reviewed and approved by the members of the Consortium. In order to be considered a model, a program had to be intended for adult workers and target one or more of the emotional and social competencies associated with emotional intelligence. There also had to be strong evaluation data documenting its effectiveness. If you would like more information about any of these programs, you may contact them directly if a contact is included in the description.