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The DBS list of offences is available in word, excel and open document spreadsheet formats. This file may not be suitable completing sentence rules pdf users of assistive technology. The list is available in three different formats to help with accessibility. 2 December 2013 Updated list of offences.

3 July 2013 Updated to v1. 29 May 2013 Updated the document. Is there anything wrong with this page? All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. The Coordinating Conjunction Recognize a coordinating conjunction when you see one.

Coordinating conjunctions connect words, phrases, and clauses. I got a spoon and ate it myself. Understand the difference between coordination and subordination. Use a coordinating conjunction when you want to give equal emphasis to two main clauses.

Subordination, however, emphasizes the idea in the main clause more than the one in the subordinate clause. Read the pairs of sentences that follow. The first version coordinates the two ideas. The second version subordinates one idea to emphasize the other. Frances promised to remove and label the organs. Frances would promise to remove and label the organs.

Diana stared dreamily at the handsome Mr. Olivia, who hated economics, furiously jiggled her foot, impatient to escape the boring class. Diana was staring dreamily at the handsome Mr. Gino insisted on blasting from the stereo. Making an A in Anatomy and Physiology has not helped Sima choose a career. Kyle refused the salad served with the meal, he then would not touch the green vegetables put on his plate.

Joe spent seven hours studying calculus at the Mexican diner, he can now set his math book on fire with his salsa breath. Danielle is dreading getting seasick on the spring break cruise, she will probably enjoy herself once she realizes how many cute guys in skimpy bathing suits parade the decks. Three patterns in writing use coordinating conjunctions. When you connect two main clauses with a coordinating conjunction, use a comma. You can also use a coordinating conjunction to connect any two items. These items can be any grammatical unit except main clauses.

When you have three or more items in a series, you generally use a comma before the coordinating conjunction. Some handbooks and style guides will tell you that this comma is optional, but my advice is to put it in. Jacques Cousteau, the parakeet, have consumed another of Buster’s days. Yes, you can begin a sentence with a coordinating conjunction! Some teachers warn that beginning a sentence with a coordinating conjunction is wrong.

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